Pianist: Gé Bijvoet
Contemporary Jazz

'Gé is for me a typical example of a pianistic 'jack of all trades', with his own style. With him, you can perhaps (because of his broad spectrum), have an opinion about 'the subject', but never about the color. Taste, style and know-how, a breath of fresh air.
Jasper van 't Hof (pianist)

'When I hear the name Gé Bijvoet, I think of a very creative pianist who, with his captivating personality, provides a valuable contribution to jazz and improvised music in The Netherlands.'
Paul van Kemenade (saxofonist)

I see Gé in all sorts of musical formations inside and outside of our Dutch borders. It is high time to hear this sensational pianist working as a leader. Gé: a modest musician and an immodest great pianist!
Jack van Poll (pianist)

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Gé Bijvoet:
Soloist Prize NOS Meervaart Jazz Festival, First Prize International Jazz Festival of Sorgues (South France), Radio and TV Recordings by NOS, VPRO, VARA, TROS, KRO, NCRV, Eurojazz, Pianist in Dick de Graaf Septet, Eric van der Westen Octet, Ton van der Geijn Quintet, Gé Bijvoet Trio, accompanied by Bob Malach, Tony Lakatos, Gary Thomas, CoCo York, Annette Lowman and Renze Ferwerda, Masha Bijlsma, Marjol Flore and Joke Bruijs, can be heard on the CD's 'November' , 'Polder', 'Heartbeat', and 'Butterfly Blues' by Dick de Graaf, 'Working Dreamer' by Eric van der Westen, 'School's Out' by Ton van der Geijn, 'Closer' by Renze Ferweda, 'Winds of Change' 'And' Lebo 'by Masha Bijlsma, his CD' DutZ 'and last solo piano cd' Tzitter ', lecturer at Utrecht Conservatory, the HKU, wrote music on numerous video and film productions, etc.
DutZ Studio: Gé Bijvoet started his DutZ CD Label in 1996 with the release of the first CD DutZ, Dutz Studio is immediately in line with the second CD Tittel and started in 2012. Although specialized in recording acoustic music in particular is Editing and mastering are an important part of the process.
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